"We are not always the curators of our own past. However, by selecting and presenting pictures we show others and ourselves a certain image, which affects how we are remembered and how we remember. Errata is an attempt to reclaim this curatorship and to (re)write my personal, visual history. It's an appendix; an annex to the photo albums my parents made. The choices I made are based on the different roles I play: protagonist, author and photographer."
[excerpt - introduction - 17 January 2013]

- edition of 150
- design: Bosco Hernández (Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem)
- printing: digital offset on HP Indigo by Netzodruk, Gorinchem
- paper: 80g wood-free offset (images) & K642211 wrapping paper (text)
- binder: saddle stitch by Geertsen handboekbinderij, Nijmegen
- uncut fore-edge
- introduction by Ilke Gers

Price: 25 euro (excl shipping).

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